In today’s society, social impact has become an integral part of corporate business strategy. We help businesses create social impact plans that make a difference within local communities in the Midwest of Ireland.

We focus on the following four areas to make social impact possible for your organisation.

  1. Employee volunteering 
  2. Financial donations
  3. Employee fundraising 
  4. Corporate sponsorship 

We’ve already gone through the top benefits of employee volunteering and in this blog post, we’re going to share the top four benefits of financial donations. 

Financial donations are an effective way to improve working relationships and employee morale, especially for those who are interested in volunteering or fundraising but can’t find the time outside of work to do so. At Humanli, we’ll advise you on the causes that best align with your organisation and manage your financial donation to maximise its impact. All charities and community groups we recommend are members of the Humanli Family, so we’re able to track your donation’s spend and report back on the positive impact it has had on the cause.

Safe Transfer of Funds

Safe Transfer of Funds

We make the donation process quick, transparent and above all safe. Managing the secure transfer of funds is a core part of our Financial Donations service. The Humanli Family consists of several approved, trusted charities and community groups and we already have all of their financial channels set up, taking away any unnecessary hassle out of your transaction. 


Donation Tracking

Financial donation tracking

We guarantee full visibility of your philanthropy by tracking your financial donation at a community level. This means your involvement doesn’t end at the transfer stage and we’ll provide a full breakdown of where your money goes. We’ll also quantify what that means in terms of activities funded and lives touched. This helps your employees get a full insight into how your company is living up to its core values and principles. 


Showcasing the difference made

Showcasing the difference made

It can be easy for your employees to see financial donations as mandatory ‘chequebook altruism’, which is done purely to tick the ‘social impact box’. However, to avoid this happening, we showcase real community success stories in the form of talks, presentations or community visits. These showcases typically occur at the end of projects, which allow enough time for social impact to be made and provide a tangible experience for your team.  

Tax Deductions

Tax deductions 

As well as seeing the lasting impact your company will make on local communities, you’ll also see a positive impact on your financial savings. Businesses in Ireland receive tax deductions on financial donations. The ‘Charitable Donation Scheme’ allows tax relief on qualifying donations made to approved bodies*. If a company donates €250 or more in a year, the company can claim a tax donation as if the donation was a trading expense. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how Humanli can help your organisation’s social impact, please get in touch!