Our vision is to help businesses make a lasting positive impact on communities in need across Ireland

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Why Humanli?

How We Make Social Impact Possible

How We Work

Social Impact Assessment

Introductory Keynote (Presentation)
Explaining ‘Humanli Possible’ – our Social Impact Methodology.

Social Impact Assessment (Workshop)
Phase 1 of ‘Humanli Possible’: Understanding your business’ social challenges, objectives and aligned causes.

Summary of Findings (Report)
A concise report that distills the key insights garnered from your workshop.

Social Impact Partnership

Determine Social Impact Pathways
Phase 2 of ‘Humanli Possible’: Predict, Analyse and Assess the likely Impact Pathways.

Develop & Implement Social Impact Plan
Phase 3 of ‘Humanli Possible’: Develop and Implement Strategies.

Review Progress & Communicate Success Stories
Phase 4 of ‘Humanli Possible’: Design and Implement Monitoring Programs.