Ashling is a Social Impact Researcher at Humanli. Her core project currently comprises of researching, developing and implementing the Social Return of Investment (SROI) services at Humanli.

Ashling first came to Limerick from rural Donegal in 2013 to study at Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD). Specialising in Sculpture and Combined Media she unlocked her true passion for working with and helping people through her art practice. In 2017, Ashling was elected as the Vice President of LSAD Students’ Union and was later elected as the Overall President of Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) Students’ Union, 2018/ 2019.

Ashling enrolled as a MA of Research candidate in LIT, LSAD in January 2020. Her study seeks to better understand the educational outcomes and professional capabilities required by fine art graduates. Since starting her research she led on the development of LIT Postgraduate and Research Society, Ashling is now the society’s Secretary and Treasurer and is the Secretary of Spacecraft Artist Studios, Board of Directors.

Ashling joined the Humanli Team as a Social Impact Researcher earlier in 2020. For Ashling, this role in Humanli progresses her passion for working with and helping others, and links all the activities mentioned by delving deep into the concepts of social value and impact. This has so far been a very exciting link as her understandings and learnings blossom. As part of this role, Ashling is the primary contact between Humanli and Social Value International (SVI). She is currently undergoing the SVI Practitioner Pathways and this month proudly passed the Level One of this pathway becoming an Associate Practitioner of SROI as part of Humanli.