Today 20 years ago I started my journey in the self sufficiency space, otherwise known as self employment.

After almost 18 years in employment on 2nd October 2000 I headed into my new office on Lower Mallow St in Limerick on my tod to my new business aptly named Karl Daly Pension and Investment. I was due in for 9am to hit the ground running but instead our youngest of two sons decided to hit the ground via the stairs in his walker (as in BANG CRASH!!)

After a detour to the Regional Hospital and his puke all over my new suit I eventually hit Mallow St at about 3pm. I can remember sitting in the office looking at the (badly) painted walls whispering WTF, Why am I here but after that initial self questioning I have to say I’ve never looked back.

So here I am today 2nd October 2020 and starting a whole new journey with Humanli which is a total departure from the familiar Financial Services Industry.

Lots happened in between my original start-up including 3 recessions, a merger with a colleague to form Metis Ireland and my eventual sale of my share of that business to move away and plough furrows new.

The constant for me has been my family, my wife Mary and sons Eimhin and Mark (yes he survived the unscheduled trip down the stairs) AND the PLANT which I have pictured here in this piece. This loyal subject was given to me by Mary’s parents as a gift for my first office so she too is 20 years on the ‘go’ today (the plant, not Mary!!) She is an analogy of myself as we progressed together in our lives: She started off fresh and bright, took a few tumbles along the way, had to be paired back as she got too big for her boots. She then hit difficult times and had to retreat but now is refreshed and looking up and ready for the new challenge ahead. Have a closer look. Safe to say she doesn’t look her age!!

Humanli is my new project and fresh challenge and I cannot wait to tell you more about it as we progress along the path on our new journey. Have a look around the website, which we are immensely proud of, and I will catch up with you soon for a coffee in person OR if we really have to on Zoom or the like.

I have lots more to give and I look forward to your support as we progress. I will sign off with these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson…

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies WITHIN you.